Friday, July 22, 2016

Office Inspiration

T.G.I.F!! I'm back again - to say it's been a busy month would be a vast understatement, and I've been seriously neglecting this blog!

I've been dying to transform our middle bedroom into a proper office for a long time... I've just installed a gorgeous commercial office (more to come on that) for some clients, and I'm newly inspired to make over my own space.  Yes, I do the majority of my design work at our store, but I feel like I need a designated space to work on this blog, keep track of administrative stuff around our house, etc. And as if I needed any more excuses to start this new project... just look at this pretty inspo I've been hoarding!

(all images via Pinterest)

This was initially going to be Mark's office/man-cave - in all seriousness, he thought he was going to adorn this room with a plethora of taxidermy and golf equipment... with a little bit of an "office" thrown in there too.  However, after two years of domestic bliss, the man has still done nothing with this room besides throw random crap in there.  Thus, I have commandeered it for my own use.

Currently this room houses our two large dog crates, which I can't bring myself to keep outside in the garage.  The dogs very much enjoy sleeping in their own "houses" when they need a private moment, so they must stay.  I have a plan to conceal one of these crates, so stay tuned for that project.  The organizational process has been a real doozy (we are two self-proclaimed pack rats) but I've finally got a blank slate to work with! See my sketch below:

My punch list for this room:
  • custom window cornice
  • inexpensive bamboo shade
  • use existing rattan desk (vintage) and matching chair
  • paint (2) craigslist-found bamboo etageres light blue 
  • pull in pink velvet wingback from master bedroom (I should think husband will enjoy removal of pink from his boudoir) 
  • create a skirted table out of the "house crate" ... more to come on that one.  
  • conceal gray plastic "travel crate" in corner
  • hang mirror & inspiration board 
  • swap ceiling fan for new gold light fixture 
I've put together little mood board (treating myself like a real client) to get me in the spirit!

I have a weekend at home with no plans for the first time in a very long time, so hopefully I can get some work knocked out.  Stay tuned for the transformation!